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How Does It Work?
How Does It Work?
If you arrived to this webpage through an automatic authentication link, then the fields for the URLs of the testimonial file, its signature, and the public key should be automatically populated. Inspect and confirm the URLs, confirm that you are not a robot and click the "Authenticate Testimonial Now" button.

If you arrived to this webpage for manual authentication, then provide the testimonial file, its digital signature and the public key required to authenticate the testimonial, and adjust the signature properties as the testimonial file advises. Confirm that you are not a robot and click the "Authenticate Testimonial Now" button.

How to sign a testimonial? Use Act On File or other software able to create digital signatures and a public-private key pairs to sign the testimonial. Publish the testimonial, its signature and the public key as explained in the Add Authenticable Testimonials to Your Website section.

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Properties: [?]
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Successful authentication! This testimonial is genuine!

Thank you for using this service.

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What are public authentication and encryption keys?
Public Authentication Key
Click this link to download our Public Authentication Key. Public Authentication Key is used by the recipients of digitally signed documents, e.g. sent by email or otherwise, to confirm the authenticity and integrity of the documents. Use our Public Authentication Key and Act On File or other capable software to authenticate any digitally signed emails and documents that we may have sent you. Our public authentication key is also used to authenticate the authenticable testimonials which we have given to our suppliers, customers and other partners. The testimonials are usually posted on the testimonial recipients' website(s). Learn more here.
Public Encryption Key
Click this link to download our Public Encryption Key. Public Encryption Key is used to encrypt information, in a way that only the holder of the complement to it Private Key can decrypt it. Use our Public Encryption Key and Act On File or other capable software to send us any private information that you may want us to have. Learn more here.